How Would Be Finalize On Your Car Insurance?

When taking out an insurance policy, it is advisable to consider the motor liability ceilings, which determine the final price. Each company offers its policyholder a maximum amount to be paid in the event of a road accident with damage to property and people: that amount represents the maximum amount of insurance.

The law establishes ceilings below which insurance companies cannot go, while the maximum amount to be paid in the event of an accident is established by the insurance companies themselves, and varies according to the damage to people or things caused by the accident.

The Companies

Each company, therefore, establishes the ceilings, which the customer must evaluate according to his needs. For a novice driver who is used to traveling many kilometers or driving in places where the risk of accidents is high, it can be risky to take out a policy with low ceilings. In some cases, in fact, the damage caused may be higher than the insurance limits for example in the case of fatal accidents and the insured must reimburse the damaged things or persons from his own pocket.

On the contrary, those who use the machine sporadically and in particular periods of the year where the risk of accidents is perhaps lower (such as the summer when the beautiful days guarantee good visibility) it is superfluous to subscribe to particularly high ceilings. In this way, each driver can “model” a tailor-made insurance policy, with the most appropriate ceilings according to his needs, carefully evaluating the risks according to his driving style.

The motor liability ceilings are regulated by the Private Insurance Code, which provides for a minimum coverage amount of $ 5,000,000 per accident in the event of personal injury regardless of the number of victims and $ 1,000,000 per accident in the event of damage to the property regardless of the number of victims. However, it must be considered that these ceilings may vary over the years and that they are periodically updated based on the average cost of living, inflation, and the increase in costs borne by insurance companies. The variation of the ceilings is determined by the law of the Private Insurance Code.

Have Damage Repaired By Insurance

Do you want to have damage to your own car compensated by your insurer? Then you should take into account that you can often only go to companies that work with your insurer. So always check this carefully, before having your asterisk repaired in your windscreen, for example. This way you avoid having to pay for the repair yourself, while you are insured for it.

See If You Can Get A Discount

For example, you can take out insurance with the company that gives you a discount if you drive safely. This works through the Safe Driving App, which gives you feedback on your driving style and a driving score. On the basis of that driving score, you can get up to 30% discount on your insurance. It is also possible that you can get a discount through your employer by taking out insurance with a certain insurer.

Multiple Insurance Policies With One Provider

In addition, some insurers offer a discount if you take out multiple insurance policies with them. For example, in some cases, it is attractive to insure a second car with the same insurer because you will then receive a discount on the premium of that second SR22 Car Insurance. Always check whether that insurance is actually the most advantageous option.

Choose A Cheap Car To Insure

You can also save on the costs of your SR22 Car Insurance with the choice of car. A lighter car in terms of weight is cheaper to insure than a heavier car. The same goes for the power of the car. If you have a fast car, the premium will be higher than if you choose a car with a lighter engine or less power. In addition, the daily value of your car influences the amount of your premium. For example, insuring a car with a value of 18,000 dollars is a lot more expensive than insuring a car with a value of 6,000 dollars. When you’re looking for a new car, these are things to keep in mind.

Tip: A lighter car in terms of weight is also cheaper in the road tax.

Extra Saving Tips

Above you have found eight tips that can help you save on your SR22 Car Insurance. Other things you could do to keep your insurance costs as low as possible include:

Drive Neatly

Making damage will result in the loss of your no-claim discount. Therefore, try to avoid damage as much as possible by driving neatly and following the traffic rules.

Do you damage another car? Then do not run off to leave the other person with the damage, because you are afraid that you will lose your damage-free years. After reporting the damage to your insurer, you can always pay the amount yourself, so that you can keep your claim-free years.

This way thing is also neatly arranged and you avoid having to pay considerably more for your premium. You can discuss with your insurer whether paying the damage yourself is attractive in your case.

Put The Car On Someone Else’s Name

¬†An option you have in this case is to put the car on someone else’s name so that the insurance is cheaper. One way as a young person to take out cheaper SR22 Car Insurance is, for example, to put it in the name of one of your parents. Because your parents pose a lower risk and have probably built up (somewhat) damage-free years, the car can be insured at a much lower premium. The only drawback is that you do not build damage-free years yourself.

Drive Less Miles

The amount of your premium partly depends on how many kilometers you drive per year. Taking the car less often results in a lower premium. Taking a bicycle or public transport a little more often can, therefore, be quite handy in this case.

Pay Your Premium On-Time

Not paying the premium on time can mean that you have to pay extra costs. Therefore always try to avoid late payment.

Keep Comparing

By comparing your insurance with other insurance policies every year, you can be sure that you have the most advantageous insurance for your car.